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Continuous Data Protection across Hybrid Multi-Cloud with Zerto

Hybrid multi-cloud is the new de facto infrastructure for enterprises. A great strategy in itself, but it comes with certain prerequisites, one being to fortify company resources in the cloud. At last month’s Cloud Field Day event, Zerto presented the data protection capabilities of the Zerto cloud data management and protection platform that delivers enterprises continuous data protection (CDP) against ransomware breaches and disaster recovery (DR) in their multi-cloud journey.

Data Protection Needs to Adapt to the Evolving Hybrid Multi-Cloud World

The hybrid multi-cloud landscape has many hidden complexities that show themselves as you explore it’s capabilities. Traditional legacy data protection solutions are inelegant for it simply because they are not configured for the mixed cloud environments of today. We need solutions that deliver continuous risk management and security that are the very backbone of a strong security posture across cloud infrastructures.

As this new multi-cloud reality shapes out, companies need to also readjust many of their data-related processes, especially recovery and backup. Enterprises need to be more mindful of the solutions they deploy for these goals, making sure to choose only from the type that brings agility and functionality across the environments and follows the workloads and resources.

Zerto, from Hewlett Packard

Zerto is a Hewlett Packard company that has over 1500 partners and strategic alliance with industry leaders like AWS, Google Cloud and VMware. Founded in 2009, Zerto launched its first product in 2011, a hypervisor-based replication solution. Since its first product, Zerto has been steady on a cloud journey, designing and developing products and solutions meant to make enterprises cloud-enabled. Between the span of 2021 and 2022, the company introduced CDP and ransomware into its portfolio thus adding a new dimension to its cloud-focused product-line.

Data protection is at the very root of Zerto’s data management platform. To implement all-round data protection, Zerto focuses on three key elements, which are also Zerto’s principal differentiators- near-synchronous replication, point-in-time journal-based recovery and app-centric recovery. For continuous data protection, Zerto provides always-on replication sans replication scheduling, snapshotting or deploying agents in the OS. That makes sure two things- that workload production is not impacted even for a few seconds, and protection is always on.

CDP and a Foolproof DR with Zerto

At this month’s Cloud Field Day event, Zerto presented it’s platform’s data protection capabilities which is an integral part of the cloud data management and protection platform. Beginning with a quick introduction of Zerto, Chris Rogers, Tech evangelist at Zerto, details Zerto’s data protection features explaining how it delivers data protection in a hybrid multi-cloud era.

Zerto is an easy-to-use, quickly installable, software-only cloud data management platform that comes with built-in data protection capabilities. Kubernetes-enabled, it is simple, scalable and built for quick disaster recovery and continuous backup across on-prem and cloud infrastructures.

Zerto delivers data protection three ways. With a trifecta of ransomware recovery, disaster recovery and multi-cloud mobility, it enables continuous protection for all assets in the cloud. Zerto approaches ransomware recovery attacks with the ability to recover within minutes and at minimal data loss and minimum downtime. Rogers says, “No one can get you up quicker than Zerto with less data loss”.  It can recover data up to seconds before the attack.

Zerto’s quick recovery capabilities also apply to disaster recovery incidents where enterprises lose access to the data and infrastructure, much like in a ransomware attack. Zerto offers foolproof recovery with fastest Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

Zerto is completely hardware and vendor-agnostic, and therefore multi-cloud compatible. Users can run it, irrespective of the infrastructure, underlying hardware or storage system and still enjoy uninterrupted data protection across all environments.

Final Verdict

In a time when ransomware attack is at a record high, no enterprise is safe. In such a status quo, investing in technologies like CDP that improve and optimize data protection is a key step. In a multi-cloud estate, backup and DR and mobility between on-prem and cloud are equally vital to fully realize the power of multi-cloud. Zerto is a solution that not only ensures that all of the enterprises’ data protection needs are fully and consistently met, but by freeing up time and dialing down complexities, it becomes the hero solution that sets businesses up for hybrid multi-cloud success.

To check out the new enhancements in the Zerto v9.5 or give it a try, head over to Zerto’s website or check out more presentations from the recent Cloud Field Day event.

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