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HP Talks SDN Turkey at Interop

John Herbert of Lame Journal comments:

Basically, HP have three data centers in this example — San Francisco (SFO), Denver (DEN) and EWR (Newark), shown across the top of the diagram, all interconnected with 1G links. Then there’s the “Warehouse” where they stage networks to be used at events like Interop, before they are shipped to site and deployed. The plan is that the staged network will look as much as possible like the final product, give or take perhaps some WAN elements. The bottom right of the diagram shows the Interop network, with 1G links back to the HP data centers.

HP Networking put on a great show at Interop New York last week. Their real-world OpenFlow examples showed the delegates a small picture of what’s possible with the protocol.

Read more at: HP Talks SDN Turkey at Interop

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