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Network Control Manager – onePK in Action

Jason Edelman comments on his blog about Cisco onePK:

A few weeks ago, I wrote about where I was in the world of programming.   As I said then, I am still focused on building a onePK application.   This onePK application now dubbed Network Control Manager is a central interface to the network.   It can be used to gather real time data as well as make changes to the network in a more centralized, automated, and real-time fashion.   Following the SDN model, this application can be seen as a SDN controller if you wish to call it that.   The southbound API used is Cisco’s onePK and the northbound API is self-defined as “je-nb-API” :).   The application/controller exposes northbound RESTful interfaces to be consumed by 3rd party applications and control programs, the first of which is a CLI application that interacts with the network via Network Control Manager.

Jason gets under the hood of onePK and takes a good look at the Network Control Manager. Considering that Cisco’s SDN/onePK training program is still a few months away and very restricted at this point, folks like Jason that are willing to look under the hood are going to the best source for info for the foreseeable future.

Read more at: Network Control Manager – onePK in Action

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