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OpenStack Storage, Cinder the Foundation

Melissa  Palmer  of comments:

I’ve always felt like storage was one of the fundamental building blocks of virtualization.  The VMware environment I worked with sucked up the most storage out of any other group or application, even with storage efficiencies like deduplication in place.  When there was something wrong with the environment’s storage, it quickly impacted everything running on it, grinding virtual machines to a halt.  This was also one of the main reasons I decided to work for a storage company.

OpenStack, cloud, and the orchestration and automation that come with it, are the natural evolution of virtualization.  We’ve gotten to the point where it doesn’t make sense to spend all of our precious time managing our virtualized environments, and we can’t if we want to continue to provide value to our customers and the businesses we support.

Cinder is going to be a huge part of your lift going forward if you store bits and bytes.

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