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StorPool: Truly Distributed Storage

A lot of vendors claim to have distributed storage. Certainly many of them will sell a solution marketed as distributed. The issue is that a lot of what is marketed as distributed relies on legacy implementation. These were made with the standard storage needs in mind. Capacity, reliability, and speed aren’t hard to find these days. You know what is really hard to do? True distributed storage. That’s where StorPool comes in.

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Transform and Scale Out with Isilon

Dell EMC first caught us up on the Isilon product history. The product growth has really taken off since 2010, when EMC purchased Isilon, and even further after the Dell merger. To illustrate, Isilon currently has 8,000 customers, 1,500 of which were new for 2015. They really want to expand the product from it’s media streaming roots. It seems like they’ve been successful so far in this. Their biggest growth is coming in new verticals like healthcare, financial services and genomics.

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Upcoming Events in Storage

 March 8–10, 2017

More Articles of Interest

ioFabric wants to manage all your storage

Matt from Matt That IT Guy wrote an interesting piece about ioStorage’s product: Vicinity:

Trevor Pott recently introduced me to some of the fine folks at IOFabric and suggested that I have chat with them. Going into the call, I didn’t know a heck of a lot about their flagship product, Vicinity. I did a bit of research and gathered that Vicinity allows you to use existing storage and manage it via one interface. It turns out that is only part of the picture.

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Storage Basics: When to use SAN v. NAS

J Metz from J Metz’s Blog starts his post by answering this question from Quora:
When should a administrator use a storage area network technology and when should he use a network area storage technology?

“Network Area Storage” is not a commonly used term. The correct expansion of the NAS acronym is “Network Attached Storage,” which might make the the comparing/constrasting make a little more sense.
The decision to use one versus the other is not necessarily an “all or nothing” deal. Administrators almost always find use for both block storage (upon which SANs are based) and file storage (upon which NAS devices are based).
What is block storage, and what is file storage? Bear with me a moment and I’ll try to synthesize, at the risk of oversimplifying.

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