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Mercy Technology Services Proves That Flash Storage Can Improve Hospital Operations

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  6. Mercy Technology Services Proves That Flash Storage Can Improve Hospital Operations

Each year, NetApp picks one customer demonstrating innovative use of their storage products to win their Innovation Award. This year’s four finalists focused on flash storage, including All-Flash FAS and SolidFire’s scalable flash storage platform. Now that the votes are in, we are able to announce the winner of the 2016 NetApp Innovation Award!

Mercy Technology Services (MTS) is a service provider to hospitals in the United States and has integrated All-Flash FAS storage into their offerings. This use of flash storage gives MTS a unique ability to serve data on-demand to doctors and support big data analytics applications. Mercy isn’t using flash storage because it’s a hot technology. They’re using flash to enable new levels of patient care and leveraging this high-performance storage to bring real-time data and decision-making directly to doctors and patients.

Mercy Technology Services is excited to use this technology because it enables them to bring healthcare to those that need it most in the places where people need it according to Scott Richert, Vice President of Enterprise Services. By building a platform that enables quick response and flexibility, Mercy can help those with illnesses live better lives and reduce the impact of their conditions on their families as well. Bringing healthcare closer to where people live enables them to receive the treatments they need faster. It also ensures that patients are able to receive care on a more regular basis, which reduces the overall costs of healthcare across the board by preventing chronic conditions before they occur.

The use of All-Flash FAS has positioned Mercy to be able to provide this care rapidly. Speaking with Gil Hoffman, Sr. Vice President and CIO, he shared that Mercy has taken the step of moving forward in telemedicine and leading the way to prove the benefits and impact that it has for people. By setting the example and ensuring that patients get the care they need, Mercy can provide a huge case to the government to fund larger telemedicine initiatives across the nation and perhaps even the world. Using the roadmap provided by Mercy and their partnerships with NetApp, adoption can be rapid and simple. This has a huge impact for healthcare organizations that need the power provided by these solutions but lack the talent to implement them.

Read Tom Hollingsworth‘s longer discussion of the MTS All-Flash FAS solution: Mercy Technology Services Provides Healthcare Data In A Flash

NetApp announced that MTS won their Innovation Awards at NetApp Insight on September 26, 2016. If you’d like to learn more about MTS and NetApp, as well as see a video about their solution, please check out their Customer Story here.

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