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Portworx Latest Release Delivering on the Enterprise’s Thirst for Kubernetes

In 2020, Portworx by Pure Storage commissioned a survey of Kubernetes usage in the enterprise. The results were just released, and it is clear that much of the enterprise is focused on bringing apps into the modern era of containers and orchestration using Kubernetes. 

Containers are Blazing the Trail to Innovation

This is Portworx’s third edition of the survey about Container usage trends in the enterprise. This is great because I’m not sure we have ever seen such consistent and strong growth around a single technology as we have around containerization — and now Kubernetes — for orchestrating the workloads.

The COVID-19 global pandemic appears to have pushed many groups to accelerate their adoption of Kubernetes in 2020. From the report, 68% of the respondents (IT users) increased their usage of Kubernetes during the pandemic and 89% expect Kubernetes to play a larger role in the management of their infrastructure over the next 2-3 years.

What could possibly attract so many folks, across so many different domains, to adopt a technology so quickly? I think if you just scratch the surface, you will find that every enterprise is now a software company at some level. The demand for new apps is increasing as business processes are taken to the next level. My hunch is that the majority of software development is never even seen by the general public or even the company’s clients. A significant amount of these applications are internal tools, and these apps need to evolve fast.

Portworx Answers with the 2.8 Release

I’m almost certain that the phrase goes a little like this: “Happy software comes from happy developers.” The push to adopt containers and Kubernetes is driven not only by how fast you can deploy new applications, but also by how frictionless it is for developers to build and iterate on their ideas. According to the Kubernetes Adoption Survey by Portworx, during the pandemic, 52% of IT professionals enjoyed their jobs more than before the pandemic started. Certainly, some of the increased happiness came from being able to spend more time with their families and not commuting, but I’ll venture to guess that developers had more time to concentrate on the problems at hand.

In this exclusive interview, Calvin Hendryx-Parker sits with Michael Ferranti, VP of Product Marketing at Portworx by Pure Storage, to discuss the survey results and the enterprise’s thirst for Kubernetes.

The latest Portworx release plays right into getting problems solved and not dealing with infrastructure. This new release is all about scaling Kubernetes and keeping the storage simple to manage. As noted in the report, 85% of these groups are using Kubernetes to test or develop AI models and applications. In other words, there is going to be a lot of data to move around to build and deploy these models.  If we look towards the future, it will only grow exponentially over time. The new release supports both greater integration with Pure Storage FlashBlade and native storage integrations for VMware’s Tanzu platform. From private, hybrid, to public, the new Portworx release will meet you wherever you are in your cloud journey.

Eating the AI Dogfood 

Not only is Portworx enabling development teams to build AI workloads faster, but it is also using AI to help people better manage utilization and performance. The new Portworx release is bringing integration with the Pure1 META AI engine to help preemptively suggest actions to take by detecting anomalies in your workloads.

Happy Building

To break through the ceiling of complexity — try to simplify. The latest release of Portworx, combined with the power of deploying your applications in Containers, allows developers to innovate faster and with fewer headaches around delivery. The gap between development and delivery is narrowing. Tools like Portworx help developers simplify the management of tricky topics such as storage.

About the author

Calvin Hendryx-Parker

Calvin Hendryx-Parker is the co-founder and CTO of Six Feet Up, a Python development and Cloud consulting company established in 1999. At Six Feet Up, Calvin establishes the company’s technical vision and leads all aspects of the company’s technology development. He provides the strategic vision for enhancing the offerings of the company and infrastructure, and works with the team to set company priorities and implement processes that will help improve product and service development. Calvin is the driving force behind LoudSwarm, a truly immersive virtual event platform that debuted in June 2020.

Calvin is the co-founder of the Python user group IndyPy, the largest tech meetup in Indiana with 1,900+ members. In 2017, he also founded IndyAWS, now the fastest growing cloud meetup in the state with 800+ members. In 2019, he got recognized as an AWS Community Hero by AWS experts.

Outside of work, Calvin spends time tinkering with new devices like the AWS DeepRacer, CircuitPython and Raspberry Pi. Calvin is an avid distance runner and ran the 2014 NYC Marathon to support the Innocence Project. Every year he and the family enjoys an extended trip to France where his wife Gabrielle, the CEO of Six Feet Up, is from. Calvin holds a Bachelor of Science from Purdue University.

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