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Pure Storage Celebrates 1 Year with Portworx

In tandem with their recent launches, Pure Storage is celebrating another milestone: the first year anniversary of their acquisition of Portworx. Gestalt IT’s Stephen Foskett had the opportunity to sit with Portworx founder, VP, and General Manager, Murli Thirumale about the acquisition, how things are now, and ultimately, his vision for the future of Pure Storage and Portworx.

The Marriage of Pure Storage and Portworx

Having been with Portworx from day one, Thirumale knows the organization like the back of his hand. So, when Pure started sizing them up for a potential acquisition, he could see that it had the potential to be an excellent match. Besides culture fit, which he believes is a key indicator of the success of a potential merger or acquisition, Thirumale noticed three key indicators that both organizations shared:

  • Obsessively Customer Focused
  • Committed to Product Excellence
  • Strong Community/Team Ethos

Because of these, as well as the obvious strategic fit from a product standpoint, it seemed only natural for the two to join. Now, a year later, the joint customer base of Pure and Portworx could not be happier, and the business numbers back that up in spades.

What Pure and Portworx are Bringing to the Table

According to Thirumale, we live in a post-cloud, post-DevOps world where we have gone past the classic app delivery format into a bold future where cloud-native, as-a-Service offerings are the status quo. After all, consuming services is considerably easier for companies than creating, both in usage and expenses. Additionally, with the recent rise to prominence of Kubernetes, multi-cloud orchestration is more important than ever.

With Pure and Portworx, IT organizations can get their storage needs entirely through the cloud as-a-Service, including the ability to stand up storage solutions in K8s. Tools such as the new Portworx Data Services (PDS) helps organizations to make the most of their data, paving the way for enhanced data services as well.

Gazing into the Future of Pure Storage and Portworx

Building off of the recent launch of PDS as well as Pure Fusion, Thirumale feels that the as-a-Service nature of Pure Storage will only continue to expand. The joint venture sees opportunities in databases, streaming, AI/ML, and more, all available on demand as a service. By segmenting data services, Pure Storage and Portworx seek to continue pushing themselves and their customers forward in the most effective manner possible.

Learn more about what’s going on with Pure Storage and Portworx by watching this clip of the Gestalt IT News Rundown covering their recent releases. You can also check out this Portworx Data Services deep dive from Tech Field Day 24.

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