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Intel Updates The Xeon Scalable Platform with Tech Field Day

On April 6, 2021, Intel is making a big announcement regarding their premier server platform. They’re promising an update to the Xeon Scalable processors, code name Ice Lake, as well as a number of supporting technologies. Tech Field Day will be part of the presentation Tuesday and Wednesday with Roundtable discussions, as well as technical deep-dive presentations.

Intel’s “How Wonderful Gets Done 2021” presentation will be live-streamed from 8 to 9 AM Pacific. This keynote presentation will feature new CEO Pat Gelsinger as well as Navin Shenoy of the Data Platforms Group and Lisa Spelman of the Xeon and Memory Group. Given this lineup, we expect that the announcement will be more than just a refresh of the Xeon Scalable Processor line and will help explain Intel’s overall server positioning.

Watch Intel’s “How Wonderful Gets Done 2021” at 8 AM Pacific on April 6, 2021

Immediately after this, viewers can watch shorter sessions on HPC, IoT, AI, 5G, and Cloud. And these presentations will all be available for on-demand viewing as well.

At 9:45 AM Pacific time, Gestalt IT Publisher, Stephen Foskett, will lead a Tech Field Day Roundtable discussion focused on Intel’s announcements. What are the implications for the enterprise IT market, and how will it impact storage, servers, networking, and the cloud? This will be streamed live on the Tech Field Day website and will be posted later to our YouTube channel.

Watch Our “Intel Data Center Update with Tech Field Day

On Wednesday, we’ll have Intel join us for technical deep-dive presentations featuring an all-star panel of Tech Field Day delegates. These are interactive, with the delegates asking questions to help understand the technical details of the announcements from an enterprise IT perspective.

We’ll kick off with a deep dive into the AI announcements, from the edge to the cloud. Then we’ll have the Xeon Scalable Processor team join us to discuss the details of the new Ice Lake Xeon Scalable processors. After this, we’ll be probing the implications for the enterprise cloud. And we’ll finish up with a discussion of security, including Intel’s exciting SGX technology. Then it’s time for another Tech Field Day Roundtable discussion featuring our delegate panel.

Check out the Tech Field Day website for more information and details, including a complete list of delegates. We’ll also be posting the recordings there and on the Tech Field Day YouTube channel for viewing after the event.

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