Talking Intel Optane with James Myers (CTO Advisor #056)

Confused by what exactly “storage class memory” means now that Intel Optane is finally on the market? You might want to listen this episode of the CTO Advisor. Keith Townsend is talking to Intel Director of Data Center NVM Solutions Architecture, James Myer.

Keith and Mark May ask a lot of tough question during the course of the interview, including when we can expect to see Optane support for non x86 architectures. Definitely put it in your podcatcher of choice for a great listen.

Virtual Storage Zone comments:

Intel Optane LogoIn this episode of the CTO Advisor Podcast, Keith and I sit down with James Myer of Intel to talk about how Intel is looking to change the computing landscape with their next-generation storage class memory, Optane. Intel is hoping that with the soon to be released Optane Memory Module,  that we’ll have a second tier of memory that performs similar to DRAM but with NAND like capacity. Keith and I review some business cases with James and talk about the challenges Intel is facing by building a new market.

This was a great conversation around next generation storage and its convergence with memory.

Read more at: Talking Intel Optane with James Myers (CTO Advisor #056)

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