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Is DevOps a Disaster? Is Moby Replacing Docker? Plus a new podcast in Gestalt Cloud News 17.5

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Is DevOps a Disaster? The On-Premise IT Roundtable

Gestalt IT just launched our new podcast, The On-Premise IT Roundtable. New episodes post every other Tuesday, featuring insightful voices from across the enterprise, taking on one idea at a time. At launch, we’ve got a slate of episodes covering a wide range of topics. In this episode, moderator Stephen Foskett asks the panel about the current state of DevOps,. Is it a disaster, salvation, or something in between? Be sure to subscribe to never miss the next great conversation.
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NetApp’s Dave Hitz on the Cloud

I recently watched a brief talk given by Dave Hitz, a founder and Executive VP at NetApp. His particular portion didn’t get down into the weeds of what NetApp is bringing to the table with their Data Fabric or StorageGRID. There were presentations before he spoke that sated my need for technical details. Instead, Dave focused on giving a broader vision of what NetApp was trying to do. This is always a bit of a risky bet when addressing a more technically minded crowd. It’s easy to sound grandiose with your overall corporate vision, and too often these talks stray into marketing. Fortunately, Dave took the time to make it an engaging discussion. He discussed the pervasiveness of “cloudification”, and how that reframed the company’s focus.
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Article that made us think this week…


Demystifying the Relationship Between Moby and Docker

Ajeet Singh Raina writes: Why has Docker created the Moby project? Is Docker renamed to Moby? What it actually mean when we say Moby is going to be upstream project? – I have been reading a lot of such queries in twitter and open forums even after dozens of blogs are available to clarify the issue. Still confused about the relationship between Moby and Docker? – Under this blog, I will try to clarify the relationship between “the Moby project” & “Docker product” through popular existing analogy -Fedora, RHEL & CentOS.
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Cloud Field Day hits Silicon Valley July 27-28, 2017

Make sure your calendar is clear this summer for Cloud Field Day, hitting Silicon Valley in late July. In 2016, the event featured presentations from Cisco, Docker, Druva, and Scality. Make sure to check back for more information on presenting companies and delegates as the event approaches.

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More interesting reads from the community

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