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Elastifile’s Bizur File System, Intel Optane, and FreeNAS Corral in Gestalt Storage News 17.1

Storage rules everything around me. Here’s your regular look at what’s happening in storage.

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Elastifile: How Bizur 

If file systems are cool, then distributed file systems are Miles Davis. They’re also incredibly hard. A lot of “distributed” file systems only fit the term in the broadest sense. Many rely on a centralized model, which can potentially be fine, but really limits how you can scale. Others offer true distribution but run into performance trouble. Elastifile’s solution is the Elastifile Cloud File System. This isn’t just simple distribution, they are offering a application-level distributed file system, with the goal of offering the flexibility of the public cloud, with all the enterprise data services expected in a hybrid cloud.
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Intel Optane

Optane in the membrane

There’s been a lot of speculation about what 3D XPoint is going to mean for the enterprise storage market. We’re all about to find out, because Intel is now shipping the first commercial version, the Intel Optane P4800X. What it lacks in a catchy name, it makes up for in low latency. For a cool $1,520, you can get 375GB of 3D XPoint goodness.
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More Intel Optane Hot Takes

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Upcoming Events in Storage

 June 14-16, 2017
This summer, Denver will play host to another Storage Field Day event. There are already a number of announced presenters, with Dell EMC, Primary Data, Seagate and SNIA all on-board. Make sure to check back for the full roster of presenters as the event comes closer, along with their usual esteemed group of delegates from across the wide world of storage.

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From the Community

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